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Stop Smoking NOW! Enjoy the Benefits of Improved Health and Wealth

STOP Smoking Today! Find Freedom from Smoking and Quit for Good

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Want to quit smoking but worried about the cravings and the constant need for a cigarette in your hand?

This CD is a super will-power boosting technique that will help you to quit smoking for good, without the cravings and without the anxiety of normal withdrawal.

If you've read this far, then the chances are you're already thinking about stopping smoking. You've probably got lots of reasons to stop smoking; a new baby in the family, older children, general health decline, a cough, bad breath, the cost, discoloured teeth and fingers, your partner, the countrywide ban on smoking in public places.

Your not alone. There are plenty of reasons to quit and the latest research shows that 7 out of 10 smokers say they want to stop. Thousands of people have found hypnosis and meditation to be an effective way to stop smoking, lose weight, and otherwise improve their lives. Why not give it a try?

Since study after study shows that cigarette smoking is the primary cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK, the USA and the rest of the world, accounting for 100,000 deaths annually in the UK, 440,000 in the USA, and 6 million worldwide, don't we owe it to our children to set them a primary parental example?

If we are not able to teach our kids that smoking is bad, then their favourite rock band, hollywood, TV soap stars and street hoodlums will teach them otherwise. They will get their influence from you, or they will get it from elsewhere, but be sure, they will get it from somewhere.

Stop Smoking the Easy Way CD. Quit Smoking Today! Written and read by Philip Chave

Nothing to Fear, and Everything to Gain
By stopping smoking you can reverse most of the health issues associated with smoking and within 20 minutes of stopping you will start to feel the positive effect on your health.

Just take a minute to look at this 'time since giving up' against 'beneficial health changes' and see if you think it's worth it:

  • 20 minutes - Blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal
  • 8 hours - Nicotine and carbon monoxide (the poisonous gases in cigarette smoke) levels in the blood are halved and oxygen levels in the blood return to normal
  • 24 hours - Carbon monoxide is eliminated from the body and lungs start to clear out the mucus and other smoking debris
  • 48 hours - No nicotine left in the body and the ability to taste and smell is greatly improved
  • 72 hours - Breathing becomes easier, bronchial tubes begin to relax and energy levels increase
  • 2-12 weeks - Blood circulation improves, making walking and running a lot easier
  • 3-9 months - Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve as lung function is increased by up to 10%
  • 1 year - Risk of heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker
  • 10 years - Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker
  • 15 years - Risk of heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked
There are many forms of addiction, that affect peoples lives. Addictions such as drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling, playing computer games, the internet, too much TV, food and SMS texting. All forms of addiction are on the increase, but, with the exceptions of drugs and alcohol, few do as much physical damage to the body as smoking.

One of the most successful ways to deal with addictions of all kinds is through the use of guided imagery. This is the approach that I use here on the Stop Smoking Now! CD.

Addictions are the body responding to something missing in our lives. We're not getting our needs met elsewhere, and hence the body is not in a state of balance with its environment. Our 'need circuits' are out of balance and out of control, and these become caught in their own cycles of pain and pleasure, requiring continual stimulation and satisfaction.

Thus, when the effect of the cigarette wears off, for example, we need to boost the body's need for more of the same chemical hit to reach satisfaction, irrespective of whether the substance is doing us harm or not.

We become conditioned into believing that the addictive substance, or act, does wonderful things for us because of how the addiction makes us feel. This is why we become dependant on it; because our needs are not being met in other areas.

What guided imagery does for us is rewire that conditioning, by rehearsing changing the positive associations and expectations of the addiction with negative ones. So in alcohol addiction, for example; instead of thinking alcohol makes us more confident, we associate it with nausea, loss of control, hangovers or embarassing moments.

Then, conversely, the guided imagery is used to create positive expectations and associations about NOT using the substance, so that stopping using the substance is attractive and beneficial to us in some way that encourages us to focus our pleasure circuitry in another direction.

What are the health consequences of smoking?
Health and healing are not things that come from outside; they are things that originate from within us. The body wants to be healthy, it is a natural state to be healthy. A smokers cough is the body's way of shedding the deposits that accumulate in the lungs when we smoke.

A smokers blood carries far less oxygen than it should, and far more poisonous chemicals. This affects the cells ability to grow and repair. Therefore they send out the signal that they need more nutrient, more oxygen, and you gasp for breath in a desperate attempt to satisfy the demands of the body for oxygen.

When you deny the body its needs, it looks for other sources. When it can't find them, it starts to redefine what it calls healthy and whole, and slowly begins to atrophy in all areas.

Pretty soon, running is out of the question, climbing stairs tires you out, the skin ages prematurely, blood vessels narrow and shrink, setting us up for senile dementia and other cerebral incidents, our sexual energy declines and indeed, many people become impotent, muscles start to ache, which affects the joints, and again the cycle of slowing down the exercise regimes causes us to fall out of condition.

If any of this is true for you, and you know smoking had something to do with it, order your Stop Smoking Now! CD today, and do something about it!

7 out of 10 smokers say they want to quit. That's 8.4 million of the estimated 12 million UK smokers.
If you're one of them, give yourself the best chance. Order your Stop Smoking Now! CD today!

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