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Worried About Going Into Hospital? Dreading the Thought of Surgery?

Eliminate Surgery Anxiety or Stress, Cut Post-operative Pain and Promote Rapid Healing

Ready to order? This CD/MP3 has been written to help you overcome your fear of hospitals and the idea of surgery.
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Calm Your Surgery Fears - Overcome Your Hospital Worry
Going into hospital for a lengthy stay, tests or surgery? It's only natural to feel a little apprehensive prior to going into hospital. But having overwhelming feelings of fear or dread, or worrying about the outcome unnecessarily, definitely isn't natural, and can make your stay traumatic, both for you, and your family.

Speed post-operative healing and reduce pain, nausea and fatigue. Order your copy of the CD today! MP3's are instant download!

Treat your pre-surgery stress BEFORE you go into hospital. Get help and relief for surgery anxiety immediately! This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be. Order your copy today!

Important information
When using the Pre-operative Anxiety and Surgery Healing Meditation CD, there are no drugs involved, there is zero toxicity, no adverse side effects or allergic reactions to put up with, and aside from the one time cost of purchase, no ongoing outlay, which means the system is very cost effective, and if used often will soon cost next to nothing per use.

Preoperative anxiety and postoperative uncertainty has been linked to the increased need to take painkillers, increased nausea, increased fatigue, longer spells in hospital and much slower healing rates than patients who were able to control these emotional responses.

For some patients, whose procedure is considered major or life saving, the loss of control and possible loss of independence can trigger a pre-surgery depression and a negative mind-set.

The general rule I would recommend to you is; Start using your CD/mp3 as early as you can and keep it up until you are well into the post-surgery healing phase.

Where does hospital anxiety come from?
There are several types of distress that patients are likely to experience before surgery.

Often this occurs just before surgery, but also sometimes weeks before an operation is due, patients can build up high levels of anxiety, fear and dread.

Worry produces stress, tension, insomnia, anxiety and depression. These are the very things that flood the body with emotions that upset the internal chemistry, our inner terrain; negative extras we can well do without when undergoing surgery.

The following are the kinds of things that patients can experience preoperatively, which may trigger anxiety. Often we know these fears are completely irrational. But we can't help it, they dominate our thinking and infiltrate our minds.
  • The fact that this operation has now become a real life changing event and a necessity
  • The realization that your future health and happiness, and maybe even your life, is in someone else's hands
  • People handle stress differently and may develop irritability, anxiety, or childlike dependence
  • The shock; not just of the diagnosis, but what it will take to create an effective cure
  • MRI scanners can be noisy, clunky and for some quite scary
  • Fear of strange places and unfamiliar surroundings
  • Fear of anesthesia - (this one is very common)
  • Fear of dying on the operating table
  • Worries about family matters, job or financial difficulty
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of mistakes being made
  • Fear that nobody cares
  • Hospital smells and noises
  • A strange bed and a change of routine
  • Getting into a scanner. The noisy clunking of the scanner.
  • Post-operative nausea, vomiting and pain
  • Fear of waking up part way through the surgery; or not waking up
  • Fear of the operation going badly or not working
  • Loss of personal control making the patient feel very vulnerable
  • Fear that our religious beliefs won't be taken into consideration
  • Unfamiliar situations causing fear or feelings of panic
  • Inadvertent clerical errors can heighten fears about surgical complications, errors or staff competence
Many surveys show the impact of stress on our health. Stress is the emotional and physical response we feel when we cannot meet the demands of our job, our health or our family responsiblities. The first sign is usually a pounding heart and shortness of breath - triggered in the sympathetic nervous system.

Stress victims must adjust to the stress or resist it. The human body secretes stress hormones like adrenal cortical hormone as a protection. If the stress response continues for a long time or occurs by repeated triggering, the immune system collapses and the body becomes exhausted.

Sufferers can subsequently fall victim to specific organ diseases or a mental illness. Brain and cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke can sometimes occur at this stage. None of these worsening symptoms will help one iota when going into hospital for surgery.

In fact, the opposite is true, we need to be strong, both physically, mentally and emotionally, with a properly functioning immune system. So lose the bad stress and start living a good life!

Phil, how can your meditation CD help me?
  • It is regularly stated by patients that anxiety experienced before a medical procedure is often more traumatic than the procedure itself.
  • Your pre-surgery CD is designed to bring your anxiety levels down BEFORE you go into hospital. It is very natural to be worried about your procedure and the possible outcomes, but both of these as yet are still unknowns, and so it makes sense to prepare your mind and body to help you as much as possible beforehand. Worry WILL NOT do that for you, but going into hospital with the right mindset, WILL HELP YOU trememdously!
  • Research has shown that pre-operative anxiety is associated with many unwanted effects such more pain, more nausea, or the procedure requiring increased analgesic
  • Studies have shown that reducing pre-operative anxiety can lead to a better and more thorough recovery
  • Reducing anxiety in children is important to help prevent them from fearing future medical procedures
  • Post surgical depression can result from worries about recovery percentages
  • Post anaesthetic nausea, pain, fatigue and vomiting all respond well with pre-surgery relaxation and anxiety reduction
Your relaxing meditation CD covers all of these areas and is suitable for any age and any type of surgery. Patients that can visualize themselves coping calmly, confidently and appropriately pre-surgery, and can picture a time in the future when they have successfully recovered from the operation, recover much more quickly and show an increased survival rate.

Developing a positive mental attitude enables the patient to place a greater emphasis on healing the body. By learning to do this simple relaxation procedure prior to going to hospital, the patient will find it easy to enter this state at will, such as while lying in the ward, entering the operating room or lying in the recovery room.

This CD will provide a safe, relaxing and effective option for stress reduction, for anyone going through the trauma of surgery. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be.

What we see in our minds for long enough becomes our reality. Therefore, the power to change how we feel about a situation lies within us. This puts us very much in control of our own outcome and destiny.

I'm going into the scanner! Will your CD help me with this?
Yes indeed! Going into an MRI or CAT scanner is nothing like someone cutting you open to perform surgery. But one thing is clear. Fear, anxiety and stress are fear, anxiety and stress. Whichever way you look at it, or feel it or sense it, the fear and stress is the same. Your mind doesn't care that they are different circumstances, it just knows that it is afraid, or that something strange, and therefore threatening, is about to happen.

Scanners, by their nature of having fast moving mechanical parts will make a loud noise. You will hear sounds like clunking, whirring, clonking or chopping, that will feel like they are getting closer and closer. You may feel a bit closed in or a bit claustrophobic. But that should be as bad as it gets. Still a lot of people freak out when they are inside, and it would be handy to have somewhere else to go mentally while you are inside the tube.

You will be allowed to take your own CD with you, or your mp3 player as the control station will have the means to play music through headphones that they will provide. Still, by listening to your Pre-Surgery Stress CD beforehand, you can enter that situation with little or no trepidation and be able to remain still for the required time.

Here are some of the times that you may be inside the scanner tube:
Brain scan = approx. 15mins
Whole spine scan = approx. 45-60mins
Lumbar spine scan = 20-30mins
Arm or leg scan = 15-30mins
Torso scan = 15-30mins

Do you know anyone who needs to have surgery or a scan and are worried about having the procedure? Perhaps you might think about having a CD sent to them directly. If so, please place your order as normal with your details, and then email me seperately with the required delivery address. I would be my pleasure to send them the CD with the same love and kindness with which it was created.

Preoperative Anxiety Help and Healing CD - treat your pre-surgery stress before you go to hospital.

Gain Much Needed Relief From Pre-Surgery Anxiety. This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way of reducing preoperative anxiety for patients going through the trauma of surgery anywhere on the body. The sooner you start listening to your CD prior to surgery, the more effective it is going to be. Order your copy today!

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