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The Cord Cutting Technique - Heal the Pain of Past Relationships

A Self Help Technique for Emotional Pain and Trauma. The Ultimate Relationship Healer

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Cutting the Negative Cords of Attachment - For Good!

We all have energetic connections with other people. They develop as a product of our interactions with them. We continue to make new energetic connections with other people every day. When we fall in love or have children, we allow these energetic connections to grow and get stronger and stronger.

We know these energetic threads as love, intuition, concern, a knowing. Other emotions that we have are also based around how we feel about other people and aren't so uplifting. Emotions like fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, or bitterness.

I think almost everybody who shows up in our lives does so for a reason. It's as if we are meant to be attached to that person in some way, for a set amount of time, because they have something to teach us, just as we have something to teach them. The process of that, is such, that it can have a good effect on us, or a bad one.

Good connections, can be, things like acceptance, comfort, contentment, delight, ecstasy, friendship, glee, gratitude, happiness, kindness, peace or love.

Bad or negative connections, as well as the destructive emotions mentioned earlier, can be things like disappointment, discontentment, disgust, frustration, horror, pain, rage, resentment, vulnerability and worry.

So What? You might ask.....What can I do about any of that?
Learning to recognise the emotions that are involved in our negative relationships with others gives us a measuring stick as to the strength of cord attachment we have to that person. If you can feel or 'see' the emotion, and hence the cord and its effect, then you can respond appropriately to it.

How can I tell if I have these 'connections'?
We all have them. The question is how do I access them? Do I want too?

Do you ever think of someone, only for them to ring shortly after? Do you long to be with somebody and can see them vividly in your mind's eye? Do you sometimes think of someone and have the shivers?

Are these feelings the product of fear, apprehension and loathing, or friendship and love? Do you often have regrets about a situation or the person responsible for those regrets? Then you still have a connection to them.

It may not be a physical one, like holding hands, nor do you have a telephone wire between you, but you do have an energetic connection. Energetic in that thought is energy, and while you think of another, you are sending out energy in the form of thought.

Lasting Pain Free Emotional Relief!
Sometimes these cords are insignificant weblike connections that are easily brushed aside or which fade over time. At other times they aren't so insignificant and can seriously reduce the quality of our everyday life. Cutting the negative cords of the past, that bind us to other people, is the single most important and best way to move forward in life.

If you find yourself unhappy a lot of the time, then NOW is probably a good time to do The Cord Cutting Technique. This can work in all areas of your life - in relationships, at work, your health, homelife, your life's purpose and even making business decisions.

Help yourself make the right choices and remove the emotional clutter that keeps you from moving forward. Fear based emotional attachments are unhealthy. They drain your energy and may be responsible for much pain and sorrow.

Negative attachments have nothing to do with love, or the healthy part of a relationship. Cutting these negative cords will release much fear, resentment, anger and unforgiveness that you may have been holding onto without even realizing. See the cord cutting technique website for instructions on how to take part.

Until we accept that the past makes us who we are today, there is very little that medication, counselling, treatments, surgery or money, can do about how we are feeling right now!

But the Cord Cutting Technique is not about changing the past. YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST! The past has been and gone; It is part of the fabric of time. BUT, YOU CAN change your reaction to the past, YOU CAN change the way you respond when you think about the past, and YOU CAN change the message that drives you into one form of action or another, or into one state of emotion or another, right now!

If this is something you long to deal with: Order your copy today!
Included with your CD or MP3 are step-by-step instruction documents of how to do the Cord Cutting Technique.

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