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Stop Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) Forever!

Helping Children to Eliminate Bedwetting and Wake up Dry

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The good news is, most children grow out of bedwetting.

Although bedwetting doesn't affect a child’s physical health, it can have a considerable psychological consequence for their self-esteem and confidence, at home and in the playground. Older children in particularly find it an embarrassment, and fear their friends or teachers finding out for fear of ridicule or bullying.

There are many reasons for a child to wet the bed. Not quite gaining sufficient control over their bladder is one. Late onset bedwetting is often the result of problems at school, or at home, upsets in young relationships, or an inability to keep up in class.

The first thing to do is to rule out any medical reason for the bedwetting, such as constipation or infection. If a child has been bedwetting all along, it is likely to be a bladder problem, which may sort itself in time.

Late onset bedwetting is another matter, and likely causes will be something that is upsetting the child in their normal daytime routine.

For that reason, it is probably clear, that getting angry or threatening some kind of punishment, is counterproductive, and will likely delay any recovery to dry nights, and may even have been the original cause.

Despite the fact that bedwetting is a common problem among school age children, it can take a huge emotional toll on children who feel they can't control their own bodies. This CD will help provide a safe, relaxing and effective self help way for your child to eliminate this problem and take back control.

Because no one dares talk about it in family circles, the subject never comes up in normal conversation, unless (usually) someone is making a joke of it, and so children often feel they can't disclose bedwetting to anyone, even those close to them, for fear of ridicule.

The end of bedwetting is a wonderful release for any child, freeing them up to do the things they never thought they'd be able to take part in. Fun things like, sleepovers at friends houses, camping with their mates, school educational visits to places of interest, all become a pleasure to accept with a joyful, 'Yes please, can I go Mum?' Cub camp, scout camp, brownies or guides camp can be enjoyed to the fullest as children start to feel 'normal' again. Children begin to sleep more peacefully, meaning that they are more awake at school and their grades tend to improve.

Helping your child overcome their bedwetting problem has got to be one of the most beneficial things you can do to increase their happiness and confidence long term. Order the CD today!

What can I do to help my child with this bedwetting problem?
  • Reassure your child that this is normal at this age and not his/her fault.
  • Avoid letting your child drink large amounts of fluid two hours before bedtime (make sure they drink plenty earlier in the day).
  • Don't punish or blame your child for wetting the bed and make sure that other family members do not tease them about it.
  • If you were a bedwetter, don't keep this a secret. Explain to your child that it often runs in families. This will help to reduce their own anxiety and show them that there is nothing wrong with him/her.
  • If you think the bedwetting is stress-related; if there are big changes in family life for example, try to help reduce this anxiety before you start on a new regime.
  • Use a mattress protector under the sheets which will prevent a build up of strong smells in the bed.
  • Understand that your child is not doing it on purpose. It is not their fault.
  • Let your child help change the wet sheets and pillowcases. Do this in a matter-of-fact way, so that they don't think this is punishment.
  • Practicing bladder-stretching exercises during the day (holding the 'pee' in for as long as possible), will encourage the bladder to stretch and hold more urine at night.
  • Some people use buzzers or alarms at night, which are triggered by moisture. These wake the child who can get up and go to the loo. Trouble is, they go off after the flow has started and by the time the child is awake, they've finished.
  • Be patient. This is frustrating for your child as well as you, but will usually resolve itself as your child gets older.
  • Be supportive. Reassure and encourage your child often. Do not make an issue of the bedwetting each time it occurs.
  • Talk to your family doctor if your child is also wetting unexpectedly during the day, complains of burning during urination, is losing weight or has blood in his/her urine.
Using these techniques along with your CD or MP3 will give you the best chance of helping your child to stop wetting the bed.
Try to remember one thing:- Your child is finding it much more difficult than you are!
Your Chance to Abolish Bedwetting in your Children, Forever!
Many bedwetters have been helped to dryness through the use of this CD from The Haven Healing Centre Home Therapist Series. Order your copy now, see what it can do to help your child.

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