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Relaxation at the Beach - the Perfect Antidote to Stress and Strain

A Therapeutic Meditation by Phil Chave. Find Peace & Tranquility in a Stressful World

Ready to order? This CD/MP3 has been written to help you relax with the ease and gentleness of a summers day.
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Try this super, easy way to relax and unwind.

Two beautiful tracks of guided imagery that take you on a journey to a beautiful beach where you find a place and the time to have the most relaxing experience of a lifetime.

Written and read by Phil Chave, head of research and treatment development at The Haven Healing Centre, Cheddar, Somerset.

What makes you feel stressed?
Things like, school, class, play, work, traffic, the boss, driving, children, teenagers, parents, TV, shopping, parking, bills, paperwork, fines and threats of fines if you don't conform to this rule or that notice. Oh, and did I mention TV?

That little box in the corner is responsible for more stress, anxiety and pain than just about all the rest of it put together. The amount of junk on the TV goes up and up, as more and more channels means anything good and meaningful has to be diluted into a cesspool of killing, bad language, nudity, sensationalized news broadcasts, war, famine and in your face disaster reporting from just about every corner of the globe.

No wonder that our adrenaline stress responses are being fired off constantly. The long-term effects of being in a state of alarm can impair certain body systems over time. In particular, excessive long-term stress can cause damage to our cardiovascular system, our digestive system and our immune system.

People now are 10 times more likely to suffer from major depression now than our parents were in 1945-75. This means the stress we are suffering now is coming from a different source and is different from the stress that affected our parents and grandparents.

The main things that have changed since our parents time are things like the office environment, traffic jams, crowded trains, family breakdown, financial worries, health worries, and the rest, all take their toll, even when we don't realize it. Most doctors believe that stress induced illness, depression, anxiety, and even suicide are on the increase. They have only to look at their red hot pen and prescription pad to realize that.

So what's the answer? Can a walk along the beach actually cure all my ills? If only it were that simple!

One thing is true: national stress levels are skyrocketing. We experience stress every minute of every day. The intensity varies, but in these days of financial insecurity, job insecurity, political uncertainty, rapid change, high technology, rapid onset illness and personal uncertainty, we are under a constant barrage of stimuli that must be acknowledged.

So much so, that almost everything that comes through the letterbox, MUST be dealt with, answered, and filled in on a time limit, otherwise there is a constant threat of fines or other repercussions.

When you think of all the things that 'wind you up', the list will likely be large and demanding. Studies show that too much stress in the form of arguments, worry, communication difficulties, transport issues, work problems, rapid change and financial hardship, can cause an increase in the risk of serious illness, as we showed earlier.

My simple mind says two things to me. It is clear we must turn off the stress response as best we can. We can do this by managing our time better, giving ourselves more down-time, and finding effective ways to relax and unwind. Resetting the body clock as it were. Secondly, if you can achieve this, you stand a much better chance of using the amazing healing power of the body to reverse the symptoms of heart disease, intestinal disease and immune dysfunction.

This was the prompter that gave me the idea for the Relaxation at the Beach CD. I would like to invite you to join the growing number of people who use this relaxation technique to reduce their stress. Why not put this on your iPod or mobile mp3 player and actually play it to yourself quietly at the beach on a warm summers day? Make sure you take it on holiday to the beach. What easier or better way to recover from months of work stress?

So, you make yourself a delicious drink, you find a soft chair, you take the phone off the hook (or unplug it) and turn off the TV. Place the CD in your player, or use your MP3 player, and if it's safe for you to be out of earshot for around 30 minutes, use your headphones, so you can fully benefit from the experience. Press 'play'. That's it! I promise you, it's that simple!

Okay, I'm interested, what's on the CD?
The disc has two tracks, a short version (28m:52s) and a longer version (36m:17s).
Track 1: Relaxation at the Beach for Stress Relief
Track 2: Relaxation at the Beach for Emotional Healing

Play one or both in the evening just before you go to bed, or drop off to sleep. This is because, if you're stressed, the chances are you could be having trouble sleeping. Maybe you have an a$$hole for a boss, and you feel under constant pressure, or feel threatened with the sack if you don't perform. The number of people who have to put in 50hrs work and only get paid for 40, is mind boggling. Are you one of these people?

Maybe you have an illness that causes you pain or sleepless nights, perhaps you're worried about someone else's illness. Do you find parenthood stressful? Are you constantly battling with the neighbours? Do you get tired because of doing more than your share of the caring?

These are just a few of the many hundreds of good reasons to try out this CD and resolve a good deal of the stress that is taking away much of the joy and happiness you could be feeling, given half a chance. Try it now in the comfort of your own home!

The longer version, includes extra activities along the beach that are designed to help you deal with the emotional uncertainty that you face every day. Taking the time to do this second track regularly will strengthen your resolve to make the right changes in your life. It will give you clarity of purpose and wipe away the doubt that causes you uncertainty and stress. Push stress aside and march on!

Lastly, I want to give you an idea of how this CD can help you, which maybe even the most important reason of all. Excess stress can become a chemical soup that must be dissolved in the body. When the mind can't cope, it 'downloads' stress, and shock, and trauma, into the body, into the muscles and into the cells. Eventually it acts on the body like a poison, consuming resources, destroying what it encounters. We become dis-eased, or diseased.

This can manifest in many different ways, such as over-emotion, anger, hate, fighting, pain, sorrow, depression, and eventually illness, and even death, as the body's resources are stretched to the limit. This CD is designed to work with those over-stressed emotions, to repair some of the damage, and to make you fit and healthy, by de-stressing the body and re-energizing a clapped out immune system.

Don't let STRESS be the thing that gets you, when the solution is so simple!
Order your CD or MP3 today and begin the process of renewal, to a healthier you.

Relaxation at the Beach, Written and read by Philip Chave

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