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Extra Large Aloe Vera Plants For Sale.
Grow Your Own Aloe Vera and Enjoy the Healing Qualities of Aloe Gel at Home

You've likely found this page because you are looking for a large aloe vera plant that you can start gathering gel from right away. You may even have been redirected from either thehavenhealingcentre or distanthealer websites, where I sell smaller plants for you to grow on yourself.

The minimum size of the largest leaf is 12" long (30cms). There will be many leaves of this size (see photo's). Some may be as long as 17" (43-44cms), but I'm not promising all, or any, will be this long, it depends on current stock at the time.

These plants are priced to reflect the fact that I have grown them on from tiny 'pup' slivers (around the size of a matchstick), to these monsters, over a period of 3 years or more, and they represent a considerable investment of time and money.

These plants in the photo's are the ones I will be sending out initially; once they are gone, these photo's will be representative only; however, any plant that goes out from this page will be of either equal, or superior quality, never inferior.



Unfortunately, due to a move of house and 3 unfinished greenhouse builds taking much longer than planned, my plants are not available yet. I will have the 'buy' button back on here just as soon as I can so that you can benefit from the wonderful healing properties of Aloe Vera.

Get your FREE growing and usage guidance sheet included with every plant purchase

The website has links to medium sized plants and extra large plants, as well as a Special Offer when you buy two small plants at the same time. Thank you.
These are pretty large plants and you will be able to start using them as a gel source from day one. By planting them up and keeping in a warm, light place, they will recover very quickly, and start to grow even bigger. Gradually new shoots will start to grow from the middle which push the older, larger leaves laterally, making the plant wider and wider. These larger leaves will swell and toughen up, providing large quantities of gel.

All you do is slice off what you want with a very sharp knife or blade and squeeze out the gel. Use straight away. Unused leaf can be wrapped in cling film and kept in the fridge for later use. I find it better to just take small slices off the leaf whenever needed. That way you always have fresh gel, straight from the plant. The cut surface will seal over and dry each time, ready for when you need another slice at later date. This way plants can last a very long time.

How much are your larger aloe plants and how can I pay?
These are for sale at 28.95 including postage in and around the UK. Current 1st class postal charges for this size of 'Small Parcel' is 6.55 'signed for' or 5.50 for 'pot luck post'. The button above will take you to PayPal who will process your purchase. The other, preferable option, is to BACs this amount across directly bank to bank, and if you I will send you the details to allow that to happen. Your plant will be shipped out first class, very often the same day, or the next, as current workload permits.
A new shoot of Aloe plant
How will I receive my plant?
Your Aloe Vera plant will be shipped dry root (meaning no soil as in the picture opposite, only it will be a LOT, LOT BIGGER!), which is common practice with these types of plants and will need potting up in normal or grit based compost as soon as you can. Aloe Vera is succulent of leaf and used to having dry roots occasionally, so will not harm in any way during its time in the postal system.

Your plant will be wrapped in kitchen roll, then taped to the inside of a cardboard posting box. It will also be accompanied by a growing tips leaflet to help you successfully raise your plant with no setbacks. If your purchase comes through on Friday or Saturday, I will delay posting until Monday, to reduce the chance of your plant sitting in the sorting office for the weekend. Please contact me prior to purchasing if you have any questions.

Aloe Vera, the 'Miracle' Healing Plant, or 'Nature's First Aid Kit'
Only you can decide if this statement is true. The healing properties of Aloe Vera have been written about and known for centuries, but a few years ago I would never have believed you if you'd told me that Aloe Vera was like a miracle plant. It wasn't until it became paramount to my recovery from injury that I even gave it a second thought. But help me it did and I've been growing it and using it ever since.

Commercially you can get Aloe in a zillion products. The gel is used as a popular ingredient in many cosmetic products, such as creams and lotions, shampoo and first-aid salves. And, while I'm sure commercially produced products are as they say on the tin, 99.9% pure, I prefer to use 100% pure, unprocessed, untouched, unmascerated, unpasturised, unmessedaboutwith, genuine product, grown on a window sill in my own home. What could be better than that?

The one thing I can tell you is that the gel is very easily extracted from the aloe leaf, making it easy to benefit from its medicinal, antisceptic, healing and soothing properties, because you can just rub it on, if you want too, straight from the plant. This is how I use it and all of the fresh healing properties of the aloe get straight to work.

How do I extract the gel from the leaves?
Simply use a very sharp knife or blade and slice across the leaf to leave a clean cut edge. The exposed end of leaf will seal over, meaning the gel will set and prevent infection entering the plant. The cut off piece can be squeezed between your fingers to expel the gel and this gel rubbed directly into the area to be healed.

You can keep cutting from the same leaf until it's gone, or you can cut off the whole leaf, and then remove slices as required. Any spare leaf can be wrapped in kitchen roll and cling film and kept in the fridge.

Are your Aloe Vera plants organic?
Unfortunately, not in the true sense of the word, because my plants are not Soil Association Certified. There are strict guidelines about what can and can't be called organic. But what I can tell you is that my Aloe plants are grown in an organic way. I've been growing my own Aloe Vera plants for over 10 years. All new plants sold form as 'buddies' or 'pups' off a parent plant at certain times of the year, and some buddies are grown on to become new parent plants. I use my own home made compost, or garden soil. I use NO artificial fertilizer or pesticides during any phase of production. In my honest appraisal, this to me means 'organic'.

Is it easy to grow Aloe Vera?
Yes, very easy. However, as aloe is not native to the UK, there are one or two considerations you will need to be aware of, to give yourself and your aloe the best chance of success. With that aim, your plant will come with a growing tips sheet and all the information you will need to grow it on successfully. There are also instructions on gel usage and harvesting.

The list of conditions that aloe is said to be good for is pretty extensive. Things like abrasions, acne, bites, boils, burns, cracked skin, cuts and scratches, dandruff, denture sores, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, insect bites, itching, rashes, psoriasis, scars, scrapes, stings, sunburn, warts and wrinkles, to name only a few.

This is when your aloe plant will come into it's own. You will always have a source of fresh, clean, living gel close by, ready to use at a moments notice. That's the beauty of growing your own, and the point to bear in mind is that the gel is 'alive' and at it's most beneficial.
Please note: 'Buy' button has been temporarily suspended due to unavailability of plants. Sorry, back soon.

Note: UK only. For international orders please source locally
FREE today: Growing and usage guidance sheet sent with every plant purchase

I always suggest that you consult with your GP before applying any new product to your skin, or ingesting any liquid that you don't know the properties of. It may be just possible that they have a good reason for you not to proceed, such as potential clashes with your current medication.

But normally, there is no reason for you not to continue and most enlightened doctors will be happy that you are looking for ways to help yourself. It's just a pity there are still so very few of them around.

I've been using Aloe Vera for years. I'm so convinced of its efficacy that it is my first port of call now, not the second. But I'm not saying this to encourage you to make any changes in your response to injury or disease, you must continue to do what you feel is right. I only offer that aloe vera may be an alternative that you can try alongside your current medication or treatment plan.

If you find that you are achieving a faster, better result, over time, then this may be enough to convince you to allow aloe vera to play a larger part in your healing plan. But please do this gradually, so that you feel it is the right thing for you, based on your own experience and conviction. I look forward to sending you your aloe vera plant very soon. Best wishes, Phil.

Email Comment from Customer: Dear Phil, thank you for sending my large aloe plant. I have to say it was much bigger than I expected, and arrived safe and sound. I would have no hesitation in recommending your plants to buyers online. Regards, - Graham Cooper, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

I know you will have seen the photo's of the injuries treated with aloe gel on the other two websites. Want to see even more proof?

One Sunday I was sawing some wood in my workshop. Unfortunately the saw jumped and I was in mid-push when my thumb got in the way. The saw exacted its ounce of flesh and was only stopped when the teeth scraped across my thumbnail. It could have been so much worse, but thankfully I managed to stop the saw and remove my thumb from its jagged teeth.

After washing out the cut under the tap and pulling out the long strands of fatty tissue, I soaked it in surgical spirit to cleanse the cut, and then soaked it in tea tree oil for a few minutes, before binding it up to stop the bleeding.

I like to keep cuts open to dry in the air but several times a day I rub in aloe gel, letting it dry in situ. I also use surgical gloves and cut the fingers off, and taped them over my thumb when there is a chance it will get wet or I am working (see photo). Here is a series of photo's from the following few days as my thumb healed.

Just look at the original damage, the cut was pretty deep, so wasn't going to heal in a hurry under normal circumstances. Following the 1st stage of treatment outlined above, I only use aloe gel to heal the skin. I'm amazed how quickly this happens.

Day 1
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 1
Sterilized, cleaned, bleeding stopped

Day 2
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 2
Settled nicely following initial clean up

Day 4
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 4
Some crusting over of the cut ends

Day 7
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 7
Covered for work or aloe gel to soak in

Day 9
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 9
Evidence of the large flap of skin

Day 11
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 11
Skin pushed up by healing below

Day 13
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 13
Top layer sacrificed to expansion below

Day 15
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 15
Trimmed to reveal replacement skin

Day 16
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 16
Top layers can now begin to close over

Day 18
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 18
Bridging the gap with good, new skin

Day 20
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 21
Almost there, nail now worse than cut

Day 24
Finger saw cut healed with aloe gel day 24
Scabs all gone. 2mths later this scar gone

If you want more proof, stick around, I'll probably cut myself again fairly soon. Seems I'm a bit accident prone lately; probably an age thing. Perhaps I should leave it to the younger ones from now on. Anyway, whatever your level of accident frequency, I hope you have as good healing results as I do with your Aloe plant. At least you'll have something to teach your kids. And who knows, as the NHS crumbles to oblivion and croaks its last breath, your Aloe may be the only thing you have left to rely on.

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